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Remembering Dr Michael Mosley, 1957-2024

Remembering Dr Michael Mosley, 1957-2024
Writer and expert22 days ago
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The UK’s health and wellness community has lost a leading light with the passing of Dr. Michael Mosley.

Remembered for his relentless pursuit of knowledge, straight-talking advice and passion for making health information accessible to all, Dr. Mosley’s impact is profound. His work, spanning books, television documentaries, radio broadcasts and public speaking, has been invaluable in specifically ‘lifting the veil’ in gut health, advancing scientific understanding, and educating countless individuals throughout the UK and beyond on the intricacies of health management, and the connections between diet and wellness.

His methodical and scientific approach made complex health topics understandable and actionable for the public. One of his notable contributions was highlighting the significance of gut health and its connection to overall wellbeing, including sleep.

On several high-profile occasions, Dr Mosley trialled prebiotic supplementation for his own first hand research.

In his 2020 book, Fast Asleep: How to get a really good night’s rest, Dr. Mosley explored the essential steps to achieving natural sleep cycles. We were honoured that Dr. Mosley included Bimuno® Original among his recommendations, at a time when prebiotics were not as well-known. Similarly, he sought to bring cutting-edge science to the public when he tested Bimuno Original for his BBC documentary, The Truth About: Sleep.

With each interaction, Dr. Mosely’s warmth, passion and inquisitive mind shone through. His support brought attention to the ways that prebiotics can enhance sleep by improving gut health, a field that continues to garner interest and validation within scientific circles. The health science community, including Bimuno, owes sincere thanks to Dr. Mosely’s work. Undoubtedly, his dedication to improving the health and wellbeing of the nation has made an impact in many peoples’ lives and will continue to do so.

The team at Bimuno mourns the loss of Dr. Mosley and honours his legacy by continuing to make health information more accessible and bringing simplicity to the complex. His scientific curiosity and commitment to exploring routes to better health have paved the way for ongoing research and advancements in the field. We are dedicated to upholding these values, ensuring that his work will benefit many for years to come.

From all of us at the Bimuno team, we want to extend our heartfelt condolences to his family, friends, and the countless individuals who have been touched by his work. His spirit of curiosity and dedication to health will remain an inspiration for all.

Dr. Michael Mosley, 1957-2024.

Writer and expert
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