Bimuno® is a range of prebiotic supplements that make looking after a healthy gut simple. It targets and fuels the good bacteria in your gut, specifically bifidobacteria, encouraging them to thrive.

Bimuno® DAILY is a taste-free powder that can be added to hot or cold drinks or stirred into food. When taken daily, Bimuno works in just 7 days*. If you’re looking to get more in touch with your physical health, the gut is a great place to start. It influences many different parts of the body from your immunity, digestive health, quality of sleep and even stress and anxiety.

Start your journey to a healthy gut today.

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How does Bimuno work?

Bimuno is a prebiotic fibre that travels through your digestive system intact until it reaches the gut. Once there, it feeds and stimulates the growth of good gut bacteria, specifically bifidobacteria, helping them thrive and increase their numbers. When taken daily, Bimuno works within just 7 days*.

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Why choose Bimuno?

Bimuno offers a way to increase levels of good bacteria in your gut. It’s simple to take and fits easily into your lifestyle.

Did you know only 9% of adults in the UK obtain the recommended intake of 30g of fibre per day*?

  • Easy to take
  • Fits into your daily routine
  • Proven to work in 7 days*

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