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Healthy Gut, Healthy Bones

In this article, Eve Kalinik explains the impact of the gut-bone axis as we get older. The gut-bone axis is the link between the gut microbiome and your skeletal system. Eve writes about the ways you can support this connection in simple and easy tips you can incoporate to your daily routine.

28 days agoBy Eve Kalinik
Children's Health

The Surprising Truth About Bacteria on School Uniforms

At Bimuno®, we care about your child’s health and well-being. That’s why we conducted a recent test in collaboration with Melbec Microbiology to uncover the hidden world of bacteria on school uniforms. The results may shock you – the levels of bacteria found on these uniforms are surprisingly higher than some of the most contaminated surfaces we encounter daily.

1 month agoBy bimunouk
Children's Health

Gut health for Kids explained

In this article, we’ll delve into the fascinating world of your child’s gut health, breaking it down step by step. We’ll explore what the gut microbiome is, how it develops, and the critical link between the gut and the immune system. Plus, we’ll share insights on how to nurture and support your child’s immunity and well-being.

2 months agoBy bimunouk
Gut Health

Men’s gut health: explained

When we talk about gut health and the gut microbiota, research shows that there are genetic (non-modifiable) and lifestyle (modifiable) factors that can impact our overall well-being. So, if differences in our physiology, diet, and mental health all impact our gut microbiome – what’s unique about men’s health, specifically the gut? Our in-house registered Nutritionist […]

6 months agoBy bimunouk