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Gut Health

Men’s gut health: explained

When we talk about gut health and the gut microbiota, research shows that there are genetic (non-modifiable) and lifestyle (modifiable) factors that can impact our overall well-being. So, if differences in our physiology, diet, and mental health all impact our gut microbiome – what’s unique about men’s health, specifically the gut? Our in-house registered Nutritionist […]

3 months agoBy bimunouk
Fitness and Sports

How Prebiotics Could Help With Your Work Out

Prebiotics feed the beneficial bacteria in your gut, helping to maintain gut health. Taking just 20g of protein supplements could be reducing the number of beneficial bacteria in your gut. Beneficial gut bacteria may help reduce the build-up of lactic acid during exercise, improving endurance. Scientist and long-distance runner, Dr Lucien Harthoorn, reveals how Bimuno® […]

6 months agoBy bimunouk
Gut Health

Immunity starts in the gut

There are quite a number of impressive stats related to our gut such as we house some trillions, yes TRILLIONS, of microbes in our microbiome as well as the fact that we produce large amounts of neurotransmitters like serotonin, that have a role in our mood (see my previous blog post here for more […]

10 months agoBy Eve Kalinik
Gut Health

6 ways to ease painful trapped wind

How to manage trapped wind If you suffer from trapped wind, you could try some of our tips to manage the symptoms and reduce the discomfort. Take a look at our suggestions below. 1. Your diet Your diet plays a key role in dealing with trapped wind. Avoid foods that are high in saturated fat […]

1 year agoBy bimunouk