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5 Tips for optimal recovery after running a marathon

5 Tips for optimal recovery after running a marathon
Lyle @ Bimuno
Writer and expert1 year ago
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You’ve done all the things right.

You stuck to your training plan, improved your diet to support the additional exercise and went out and completed an incredible feat!

All the hard work has been done, and you finished the race, but it doesn’t stop there.

While you probably won’t be intending on doing anything too quickly after completing the marathon, especially if it’s your first one, here are a few tips to help speed up your recovery:

1 .     Post-race/ celebratory meal

In the first four hours after the race, focus on protein and carbs and avoid fatty foods. This will help to start the recovery process and restore blood sugar levels. Of course, you need to replenish your carbs and proteins but don’t forget about fibre!

2.     Replenish any fluids you lost

As dehydration can increase recovery times, it’s important to ensure you’re re-fuelling to help your body recover as best it can.

3.     Take care of your gut

The gut plays a large part in our ability to recover quicker after a long run. It’s where food is broken down into nutrients that fuel our muscles and organs, where we absorb important vitamins, minerals, protein and where approx. 70% of our immune system is housed. Ensuring your post-marathon recovery diet is filled with naturally occurring prebiotics and bridging any potential gap by taking Bimuno® prebiotic powder if necessary to support your gut health.

4.     Keep moving

While the default response to a marathon is rest, by keeping moving immediately after finishing and completing some light exercise in the following week, you can help aid the healing process. This is because light exercise will increase blood flow, delivering more nutrients to the damaged muscles.

5.     Give yourself a pat on the back!

You completed a marathon, whether you were aiming for sub 4 hours or just getting round the course, it’s a huge achievement that you should be proud of!


Lyle @ Bimuno
Writer and expert
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Passionate about holistic wellbeing, Lyle is driven by a deep curiosity for understanding the intricacies of the body and a desire to support others on their journey to overall health and vitality.