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We’re pleased to welcome anyone that has their gut and wellbeing top of mind with our award-winning food supplements. Suitable for ages 4+.

Bimuno contains our unique, patent-protected galactooligosaccharides (GOS), which stimulate the growth of beneficial Bifidobacteria in the gut. Available in travel-size sachets, all you do is pour our taste-free, soluble prebiotic powder into any food or drink each day. Most of our loyal customers mix with tea, coffee, or cereal in the morning…how will you Bimuno?

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Choose between our Original gut health supplement, or Bimuno Immunity. Each include our award-winning prebiotic ingredient, with our immune system supplement adding 100% of your recommended daily intake of vitamins C, D, and Zinc.

Our subscription plans offer the best value with uninterrupted FREE delivery to keep feeding the good bacteria. Available in 3 or 6-month supplies with double-digit savings, and a gift. Delay delivery or cancel at any time. We also offer a 1-Month Trial.

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Our Frequently Asked Questions page is designed to answer all things Bimuno and gut health.
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