Your gut is an incredible example of evolutionary design. Inside, trillions of bacteria help the body to break down and digest the essential nutrients that we need to function. In turn, the gut is believed to have an important influence on many different parts of the body.

What you may not know is the sheer diversity of bacteria that your gut can house! It is estimated that there are up to a thousand different kinds of bacteria commonly found in the gut. Although most bacterial species in the gut have a role to play, some types of bacteria are known to be especially beneficial. These are known as ‘good’ bacteria.

For example, Lactobacilli, one type of good bacteria, helps to produce certain minerals and protect against harmful carcinogens.

Which brings us to Bifidobacteria! It’s one of the heroes of the gut; a good bacteria that benefits the body. Alongside its role as part of the digestive process, Bifidobacteria is believed to help modulate the body’s immune response and produce some of the essential vitamins that help our body perform at its best.

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