Hemp protein sports smoothie by navneeta. A quick and easy pre-workout smoothie packed with protein, fibre and bimuno


1 Bimuno sachet

• 250ml hazelnut milk

• Half avocado

• Hemp powder, 2tbsp

• 2tbsp raw cacao powder

• 1tbsp raw cacao butter (melted)

• 1tsp MCT oil

• 1 tbsp hazelnut butter (or substitute for a nut butter of your choice)

• Vanilla extract- 4/5 drops

• Optional: a few ice cubes if you would like an iced smoothie

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  • Half and destone your Avocado.
  • Measure out all other ingredients.
  • Put all ingredients (ice optional) in a blender and blend until smooth.
  • If you desire a thinner consistency, add extra milk and blend again.
  • Pour into your glass / bottle and enjoy!