Bimuno & Performance: The connection between gut health and optimal sporting/ exercise performance. A man exercising using battle ropes.
You follow an intense physical training plan, you’ve had some irregularity or gut discomfort, you’ve been feeling maxed out in the last 6 months
You are a dedicated athlete, coach or sports enthusiast with a passion to WIN. “The Winner Effect” coined by Professor Ian Roberston outlines the chemical relationship between our need and want to win, whereby increased levels of dopamine when we triumph create a reward network in our brains becoming something we crave (elite athlete or not). So, if you are a dedicated sport athlete and you have been impacted by one of the above, you must be wondering what else you can do to reach your peak performance?

With an overwhelming amount of content around sports nutrition and sports supplementation, you might be finding it difficult to establish fact from fiction and as you strive for the ultimate combination of nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle to optimize your sports performance – have you factored in the impact on your gut?
Intense or prolonged exercise, not uncommon for athletes can negatively impact your gut. Likewise, a higher or increased intake of protein may negatively impact the bacteria in the gut.

Training, sports nutrition & your performance

High protein intake can impact something as essential as your digestive regularity and the stress you face as an athlete can influence your overall performance.


Disruption to the delicate balance of bacteria can weaken the intestinal barrier, leading to possible gastrointestinal (GI) issues and increased likelihood of inflammation.

Man in gym, taking a break from intense/ prolonged exercise.

Are you in the 90% with gut issues?

It can be as many as 90% of athletes that face gut health issues that can hinder sport recovery and performance so if that’s you, isn't it time to make a change? 

Ignoring the potential impact of your lifestyle on the gut could lead to illness or missed training sessions, impacting your performance and even your teammates health. 

With the added performance pressure and stress this may cause, it's time for you to question whether there is more you can be doing to support your chances of winning.

Think food first for gut health first

Diversifying your diet with high fibre and prebiotic foods helps to fuel the growth of good bacteria in the gut. A healthy gut can lead to increased short-chain fatty acid (SCFA) production. SCFAs have the potential to enhance your sports performance, which is why when you are thinking sports nutrition, you should be thinking gut health first

Some prebiotics, which can be found both naturally in fruit and vegetables and in supplement form, contain fibre which can contribute to the recommended daily intake. Adding one from each of the food categories below can help you make a change today.
Table containing sources of prebiotic fibre across different food categories, fruits, vegetables, cereals, nuts and legumes.
Bimuno Original daily digestive supplement. The high in fibre prebiotic powder is proven to raise number of bifidobacteria (a beneficial bacteria) in the gut within 7 days.

For as little as 42p per day, you can further support your training regime and journey to better gut health with a daily sachet of Bimuno

Proven to make a difference in just 7 days* - alongside a healthy diet, Bimuno is a fast and convenient way to grow the good bugs in your gut (bifidobacteria) which can support your health and wellbeing, crucial to your performance.

Taste-free and seamlessly mixing into the food and drink of your choice, with a focus on the right prebiotic foods and the addition of a high fibre supplement - you might just have found the perfect partner to take your training to the next level.

Nick Bourne, the first person to run and cycle the length of Africa. Cairo to Cape Town

What do the athletes say about our gut health supplements?

“As an ultra-cyclist, I know how important it is to take care of my body, especially when embarking on long and challenging journeys. That's why I've been using Bimuno prebiotic supplements for years.

These supplements have been a game changer for me, especially when it comes to digestive health when travelling. In the past, I've had digestive issues when racing abroad, but thanks to Bimuno, I suffered next to no problems on our previous journey from Cairo to Cape town.

I highly recommend Bimuno to any cyclist or anyone who wants to maintain good digestive health.."

Nick Bourne,

the first person to run and cycle the length of Africa

What are your aspirations? Can a focus on your gut health help to take your performance to the next level?
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