Bimuno is a revolutionary range of food supplements containing a unique active ingredient developed in conjunction with the University of Reading and other globally recognised research institutes. 


Unlike the majority of supplements on the market Bimuno has been subjected to a rigorous series of human clinical trials which have demonstrated its wide ranging benefits. Bimuno belongs to a special group of nutrient fibres, called oligosaccharides that naturally feed and stimulate the growth of preferred bacteria in the gut.

How does it work?

Bimuno works at the gut - Scientists have discovered in recent years that the digestive system doesn’t just digest food but it, together with the trillions of bacteria that reside there, regulates the immune system, influences your metabolism, controls inflammation in the body and even affects your mental health.

Maintaining a good balance between the various types of bacteria present in the gut is essential in maintaining health and wellness. However, this is no easy thing to achieve given that a poor diet, lack of sleep, the stress of a hectic lifestyle, illness and medications such as antibiotics can all affect the balance of good and bad bacteria present.

What does Bimuno do?

Published scientific research has demonstrated that Bimuno works in 3 principal ways for a triple impact within the body; 

  • Resets and increases friendly gut bacteria
  • Maintains immune health*
  • Works in your gut to support your natural systems


Why is Bimuno so effective?

Quite simply Bimuno adopts natures approach, working in harmony with your body, not against it.

Bimuno, unlike most probiotics, is unaffected as it passes through the acid of the stomach, it’s impervious to digestive enzymes as well as exposure to oxygen and heat reaching the lower gut intact for maximum nutritional impact. 

Probiotics in contrast struggle to reach the lower gut intact and there is no guarantee you are even taking the ones that might be right for you!

Bimuno is a highly effective and natural way of increasing the preferred bacteria in your gut. Published Scientific Studies have shown that with daily use, the majority of Bimuno users experience a significant increase in gut bifidobacteria levels within just 7 days. By encouraging levels of preferred bacteria in the gut, there are also less resources and space for so-called ‘bad’ bacteria to grow.


Maintaining the right balance of bacteria in the gut plays an important role in a person’s health and wellbeing.



The root of many health issues lies in the gut

Unlike many probiotics Bimuno reaches the lower gut intact for maximum nutritional impact




Bimuno reaches the gut intact to support the bacteria


How do you take it?

A regular daily intake of Bimuno is recommended as the benefits build over time. Bimuno is available as a soluble powder you can add to regular foods and drinks as well as in the form of convenient soft chewable pastilles. Bimuno is so easy and flexible that you can even cook with it!

New users occasionally find it takes a few days while their digestive system adjusts to this amazing new food but this is perfectly normal and a sign that Bimuno is getting to work.

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