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Did you know that when travelling abroad, the local food, drink, climate and even the stress of travelling itself can be of concern?

Bimuno® TRAVELAID is an effective way to prepare for the stress of travelling where these changes in food, drink and climate may affect you.

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Foreign food and untreated water is the main contributor towards travel related sickness abroad. Traveller’s Diarrhoea is the most common travel-related illness, affecting 30-70% of international travellers annually, depending on the risks and in particular the destination and season of travel.

With the number of international tourists increasing annually, it is estimated that at least 24-40 million travellers could be affected by TD annually. Raw or undercooked meat, fish, and shellfish can carry intestinal pathogens, and should be cooked and eaten hot. In areas where hygiene and sanitation is inadequate, travellers should avoid eating raw fruits, vegetables and salads that cannot either be washed in uncontaminated water, or be peeled by the travellers themselves.

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  • Use code TA-AUG-17 in the Promo Box, click apply and discount will be visible immediately

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