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Why subscribe and save?​

Bimuno® Original is a supplement that works best when taken every day. Our subscribe and save offer is therefore in place to help take the product everyday. The automated ordering system means you will have a steady supply of the product, which won't run out and the generous discount is there to help make long-term use of the product much more affordable.​

If you'd like to amend your payment details, this can be done via your online account.​

To make any other changes to your subscription, including the delivery address or product quantity please contact​

How does it work?​

Sign up by selecting the ‘Subscribe & Save' option, each box of Bimuno® Original will cost £11.66 instead of £19.99, providing you with up to 42% discount on your first order and 33% on your recurring ones (£6.66 saving per box).

By purchasing this option, you’ll be signed up to a rolling subscription which you can cancel at any time.
Orders are shipped every 90 days, therefore you will receive a 3-month supply with each order.
The subscription cost includes Free UK delivery.

Bimuno Daily 30 sachet box

Bimuno® Original

Taste-free, soluble powder
Tested in independent scientific studies
Proven to work in 7 days*