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Interested in the link between gut health nutrition and the mind?
This one is for you.

The “Happy gut, happy mind” excerpt – by nutritional therapist, Eve Kalinik includes 3 inspiring recipes and the "Brain and the bugs" chapter.

This will help you explore more about the important connection between gut health and mental well-being.

Are you a fitness lover?
This 4-week bodyweight plan would suit you.

The plan includes 6 bodyweight workouts each week by movement & nutrition coach, David Birtwistle to help you:

  • Get a stronger body
  • Develop a more resilient core
  • Increase your overall fitness levels

Keen on overall health & wellbeing?
We’d recommend the “Your Health in Your Hands” excerpt.

Including the "Your mind matters" chapter, this excerpt will allow you to gain deeper insight into your wellbeing & help you look after and safeguard your mind.

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