I started using bimuno after bowel surgery last year. I've always taken a daily probiotic and also eaten yoghurt, but reading Giulia Enders's book 'Gut' alerted me to the befits of prebiotic support. In addition to needing to get my bowel back to normal functioning, I was sleeping badly, due to a neurological disorder, and Michael Mosely's programme about probiotics and sleep reinforced the idea that bimuno might be helpful. I think I bought the last 2 packets before TV- induced demand made it impossible to get hold of! I am so glad it's back (please don't let that happen again!!)- a sachet on my yoghurt for breakfast, and another in a drink during the evening, seems - with only the occasional exception - to have improved both problems. I've become a Bimuno evangelist among family and friends - with one proviso: I make sure they all know of the existence of the official website, as another - nameless - online merchant has been offering it at over 4 times the manufacturer's price. It may not be the answer to all ills, or for everyone; for me it's brilliant, and you'll only know if it's right for you by trying it. If it is, it would be a shame to miss it!