Life changing! Better sleep is the smallest effect! I tried Bimuno after seeing it on the sleep programme. After 3 days the quality of my sleep improved, I now need less sleep, I wake far more refreshed and have more energy and feel more chipper. The skin under my eyes is less creased! My gut is definitely working more efficiently. If I drank more than two small glasses of wine, my sleep would be horribly disrupted, now it has no effect (of course a lot of wine still disrupts sleep) . I no longer get sugar/cake cravings, even though I have a low carb diet. I have had inflammatory bowel disease for 20 years. This means that I absorb less calcium from foods so am more at risk of osteoporosis. Whilst the IBD is in remission at the moment, it's clear that the Bimuno is making my gut healthier and more efficient, I suspect that this will help with absorbing calcium. The general good health of the gut will help keep the IBD at bay. I shall be discussing this with my gastro consultant.