Having a real joy for life, Carl loves to travel to far away destinations—his next long trip is to discover India in February. Carl discovered Bimuno during his time working in London. Leading a very hectic lifestyle with frequent business meetings abroad, large scale presentations, and high pressures of a large corporation, Carl noticed that he was feeling lethargic and generally lackluster which forced him to seek help of a nutritionist. With the advice of a nutritionist and his own research, Carl came across Bimuno 5 years ago and was intrigued by the products’ 7 day improvement claim. Very sceptical, Carl decided to try Bimuno and was extremely impressed that he did indeed notice a difference in his overall wellbeing after just 7 days. Carl is a passionate advocate of Bimuno and claims that after taking the product he’s noticed that he feels much more energy overall—he’s noticed a significant improvement in his workouts at the gym (Carl works out daily.) Carl has also noticed feeling overall more positive about life—generally having more stamina to face life’s challenges.