I will never be without Bimuno. It has transformed my life with regard to the IBS I inherited. I would double up in cramps, stomach pain and was unable to leave home until afternoon as had an upset stomach and the only way to keep to any appointment was to go without food the day before. I bought Bimuno to help me sleep and it has helped with deeper quality sleep. It took 15 days for me to see a transformation that I never even contemplated. I did miss taking Bimuno for 3 days due to being very unwell and on the third day I was doubled up in pain in my tummy and visiting the bathroom several times. That is more proof than I needed and next day with my only cup of Earl Grey I restarted taking Bimuno. It took 4 days to kick in and I'm now free from terrible gripes, doubling up in pain and do not have to visit the bathroom frequently and can leave home being reassured that the IBS is non-existent while I take Bimuno. I have been an insomniac for over 36 years and I am finding this entrenched habit/way of not sleeping is slowly but surely being eroded as I am starting to, dare to say it, go to bed at much earlier times. For the first time in many years I see the insomnia being broken down. I suffer with chronic spinal pain and this has kept me awake together with tossing and turning through the early hours but I am seeing a break in trend, I actually want to go to bed earlier and I am falling asleep more often than laying awake. I attribute Bimuno with these excellent results and all I will say is "keep taking Bimuno" as we are all unique and whereas some people will notice a positive difference in 7 days for others, like myself, it took 15 days. Do not take Bimuno for granted. Whether you become unwell or not, keep taking your daily sachet in the morning and reap the benefits of Bimuno. You may purchase it for one thing, but be expected to be pleasantly surprised as Bimuno can transform your life. It did for me. I don't have to use the bathroom up to 20 times a day with IBS. I am blown away by the positive results but I knew after I watched Michael Mosley, whom I have the greatest respect for on the BBC's, The Truth About Sleep, I had to find purchase what they were trialling in the programme. Bimuno had sold out and I was disappointed but I received an email days later when it was back in stock. I tell everyone to go onto Bimuno who is able to as there are some people whom this will not be suitable for, like one of my sisters who has Collitis but for the fortunate among us and I am Lactose intolerant, but for me, I thought I would still try it as the Pros outweighed the Cons and I am so very happy that I chose to make Bimuno a part of my daily life. I reaped a great reward that I did not expect to, it has put a stop to my IBS. I hope you give it a chance and you too reap better quality sleep, earlier bed times and a deeper more restful sleep. I can't praise this wonderful product enough and some of my friends are now also on Bimuno. I told a lady working in a Pharmacy about it only yesterday. Why suffer when you don't have to?