Who should be including Bimuno into their diet?

Bimuno® prebiotic supplement is suitable for individuals aged 4 years and over and can be taken:

To contribute towards the daily fibre intake

A government study carried out on behalf of Public Health England found that only 9% of adults in the UK consume the recommended intake of 30g fibre per day1. Non-fermentable fibre provides many functional benefits and is associated with heart health, digestive health and bowel regularity.

Prebiotic (fermentable) fibre found in foods such as legumes, onions and Jerusalem artichokes is fermented by good bacteria and contributes to a diverse gut microbiome, which is associated with good health. Those consistently lacking fermentable fibre through their diet should consider a prebiotic food supplement such as Bimuno.

To support digestive health

You may wish to specifically recommend prebiotics to clients/patients who have consulted you because of bloating, constipation or IBS related abdominal pain. As a food supplement, Bimuno is not a medicine and does not offer a treatment or cure, but may help people who are experiencing the effects of a diet low in prebiotic fibre. Studies have shown that Bimuno, a non-inulin based prebiotic, can be effective in alleviating these complaints, particularly at a lower dose (half a sachet of Bimuno DAILY)2, 3, 4.

When taking antibiotics

Prebiotics and probiotics may help to reduce the negative effects of antibiotics on the gut microbiome. Increasing the intake of dietary prebiotics or taking a prebiotic supplement, will help the beneficial bacteria in the gut to thrive and potentially correct an imbalance that may occur. Prebiotics act like a fertiliser, feeding the good gut bacteria, stimulating their growth and helping them thrive. Probiotics, on the other hand, may seed the gut with beneficial bacteria.

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