At Bimuno, we are delighted to host and sponsor educational events for Healthcare Professionals. Find out more about our past events and upcoming events that we are sponsoring below:

Our Past Events

Digestive Health and Wellbeing: The Patient Journey

On February 4th, Bimuno and The Functional Gut Clinic co-hosted an educational event, ‘Digestive Health & Wellbeing: The Patient Journey’. The event highlighted the importance of understanding patient diagnosis, treatment and challenges faced at each stage of the patient journey from the clinician’s perspective.

Our virtual event pulled together the stages of the patient referral process to show how clinicians can work together to prevent and treat gastrointestinal issues from the perspectives of clinicians and researchers. The morning sessions featured areas including dietetic, primary, secondary and tertiary care. The afternoon sessions built on this with a focus on the gut microbiome, its relationship to physical health, including immune function, athletic health and performance and the role of prebiotics and probiotics.

The online event featured a diverse panel of speakers to help healthcare professionals build a stronger understanding of how a focus on improving gut health can impact today’s health landscape:

Gastroenterology in Primary care – the beginning of the patient journey

Dr Marion Sloan Mb CHB

Accounts of patient concerns in primary care with gastrointestinal issues. Session covers the diversity of unstructured physical, psychological or social presentations in primary care through the life course.

Clinical application: Dietetic patient care of digestive health – IBS

Laura Tilt - Registered Dietitian

A solid background in prebiotics and probiotics in the context of IBS and other gastrointestinal issues within dietetic practice. Includes guidelines on selecting a prebiotic when dealing with IBS patients or advising them.

Secondary care journey

Dr Adam Farmer MBBS

Explains the approach to dealing with patients that have unexplained digestive symptoms in the absence of any obvious pathophysiology.

Tertiary care journey

Dr Anthony Hobson - Clinical Physiologist

Provides an overview of the different tests that patients with digestive health issues commonly undertake, as well as discussing the impact on clinical decision making.

Feeding your friends and foes - why the gut microbiome has become a nutrition focus

Dr Gemma Walton

An in-depth discussion of lifestyle impacts on the microbiome, including factors that make the microbiota vulnerable or aberrant. Explore how changes to our gut microbiome influence our physical health and where diet fits into the equation.

Nutrition and immunology in relation to the gut microbiome – prebiotics and probiotics

Dr Caroline Childs RNutr

A deep dive into the interaction between nutrition, the gut microbiome and the immune function.

Athletes and the gut microbiome

Dr Neil Williams RNutr

Discover the effects of prebiotics and probiotics on athletic health and performance.

Click here to visit our Learning Hub where you can access some resources from the diverse panel of speakers at our virtual event.

Events we are Sponsoring

Spring Conference 2021: Gut microbiome and health

We are proud to be sponsoring the Spring Conference 2021: Gut microbiome and health. The conference will be presenting the latest advancements in gut microbiome and health research. It will bring together experts who are driving technological advancements and striving to understand how nutrition impacts gut microbiome and the interactions between gut microbiome and health.

The gastrointestinal tract is amongst the most densely populated ecosystems on earth, home to an abundant and diverse collection of microbial species, not just bacteria but also Archaea, viruses, fungi etc. Studies have drawn links between host nutrition, the gut microbiota and metabolic and immune functions, which in consequence affect physiology.

Click here to find out more about the Spring Conference 2021: Gut microbiome and health event details.

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