Bimuno Targeted Digestive Nutrition

What is Bimuno?

Bimuno® is a unique prebiotic supplement containing galactooligosaccharides (GOS). Bimuno is enzymatically derived from lactose and its efficacy is supported by over 80 pieces of clinical research.

Bimuno is selectively fermented by bifidobacteria in the colon, growing beneficial bacteria naturally found in the gut, increasing levels of bifidobacteria in 7 days*.

Bifidobacteria is a type of good bacteria which has been shown to be beneficial to the gut microbiome by:

  1. protection of the host against pathogens by competitive exclusion,
  2. modulation of the immune system, and
  3. provision of nutrients through the breakdown of non-digestible dietary carbohydrates

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The importance of the gut microbiome

The gut microbiome is associated with many aspects of health including immunity, digestion and brain function. Whilst there is no blueprint for an ideal gut microbiome, it’s accepted that diversity between bacterial species is the goal.

Generally, we do not know which gut microbiome enterotype we have and so a dietary based approach is considered best practice. Encouraging the growth of good bacteria will preferentially change the ratio of good bacteria to bad bacteria as they compete for space in the gut microbiome.

Prebiotics resist digestion in the stomach and small intestine and are fermented in the large intestine. They are the preferred substrate for bifidobacteria and lactobacillus, two beneficial species of bacteria. A diet providing 5g/day of fermentable fibre is recommended to keep 'feeding' these beneficial bacteria.

Less than 10% of adults in the UK achieve their fibre target intake

Obtaining prebiotics through diet cannot be assumed to happen on a population level as less than 10% of adults in the UK obtain the necessary 30g of fibre a day (which includes 5g of fermentable prebiotic fibre). 

According to a study conducted on behalf of Public Health England, only 9% of adults aged 16-64 years and 7% of adults 65 years+ obtain the recommended amount of 30g of fibre per day, which includes 5g of fermentable prebiotic fibre. Although we should aim to achieve fibre intake through diet, Bimuno can offer an easy way to bridge the fibre gap for individuals unable to achieve the recommended amount in this way.

It’s often postulated that western diets low in fibre but high in fat, sugar and compounded by the use of antibiotics can lead to a gut microbiome which is low in diversity. This type of gut microbiome enterotype is strongly associated with people with chronic inflammatory conditions.

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*Scientific data shows that daily use of Bimuno® increases gut bifidobacteria levels within 7 days, results may vary.


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