Are there any side effects of Prebiotics?

When taking prebiotics for the first time some individuals may find that it takes a few days for their system to adjust to the new food source.

Symptoms such as tummy gurgling, if they do occur, are an indication that the gut bacteria are in the process of being re-balanced. We call this the ‘Bimuno® Effect’ and your that body is telling you that Bimuno® is getting to work.

The most common side-effects of prebiotics are abdominal bloating and discomfort, occurring when large doses are consumed.  Large amounts of prebiotic fibre provide an abundance of food for a range of gut bacteria and when fermented this can result in an excess of gas in the intestine.

The more common first-generation prebiotics are most prone to this problem as they are less selective and can increase the numbers of gas-producing bacteria in the gut.

The latest generation of prebiotics using B-GOS® are more selectively fermented in the gut, usually by low-gas producing bacteria, thereby reducing this problem.

In all cases it is still advisable to adhere to the recommended dosages of any product.

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