Be it for safety, convenience or social distancing, for many across the country in today’s climate, it has become necessary to work from home instead of a regular office or place of work.

Although the home is a familiar environment, without the open space of an office or place of work to rely on, there can be unique challenges to mental health and concentration.

But fear not, there are a number of fantastic ways to channel your energy the right way when working at home – and plenty of useful tricks to staying focussed.

So, in the comfort and confines of your own space, what are the simple, everyday ways to stay productive and avoid distraction?

Set up a dedicated space

It's essential to make it comfortable, you might be working from there for a while! Your bed may seem inviting now, but after a while, you'll crave the support of an actual chair.

Set up a small area for working with a chair and desk – or even a table. Doing this will help to compartmentalise the work elements of your routine.

Get it together

Make a plan to make sure everything works as well as possible. Do you know how you'll be getting in touch with colleagues1?

Move it or lose it

Take regular breaks. You may think that you don't move much when you're at work, but you'd be surprised! Trips to the loo, making drinks and even walking to the bus stop or your car can rack up a significant step count. It's important to get up and stretch your legs every now and then.

Call me!

Our colleagues aren’t just our work counterparts, they can be effective emotional support too. There's nothing better than turning to your colleague to celebrate successes, or to vent your frustrations in a healthy and productive manner. But what happens when there's no one sat next to you now? Make sure that you have a simple way to get in touch with your co-workers, whether it's a group chat, an email chain or even a scheduled video call. It will help you retain stability and make the time away from your desk much more palatable.

Get organised

Naturally, as the regular routine changes, our processes and habits change with them - which means that standards can slip. Not only will it waste your time, but it'll waste company time too. Even though you're at home and everything can seem a bit dull, jobs have still got to get done. Getting yourself organised from day one will save you a headache later. Trust us!

Where's your head at?

It's tempting to just stay in your pyjamas all day with your feet up on the sofa when working from home. Don't fall into that trap.

Staying productive is as much about mental health as physical wellbeing. By retaining a regular, stable routine, you’re reducing potential impacts of home working.

Utilise your time

Think about it, you've been granted the gift of time. The majority of us spend a lot of time before and after work commuting. Your first reaction was probably to steal extra moments in bed and roll out a few minutes before you're due to start work.

Why don't you use that time to do something for yourself? Finally eat the breakfast that you're usually forced to skip, do a quick High Intensity Training (also known as HIIT) session on YouTube2 or even clean your workspace before you start the day.

So go for it!

Get organised, replicate your normal work routine, plan ahead and utilise your time well to stay fresh, positive and manage your health and wellbeing.


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2. The Body Coach YouTube Channel

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