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Travel advice for the adventure traveller

Travelling to the more common holiday destinations such as Spain or France is enough for most people but for others a holiday isn’t just a break spent lounging on a beach sipping sangria it’s a chance to seek experiences that truly challenge and stimulate.

Adventure Travel and Health

Travel Advice For The Adventure BackpackerIncreasing numbers of people are now seeking what is commonly known as Adventure travel, whether it’s trekking through Nepal, going wild in Africa or exploring deepest darkest Peru.

Of course going off the beaten track isn’t for the faint hearted and not something to be undertaken without meticulous preparation if you are to avoid the perils and pitfalls that can befall the unwary traveller.

Prepare your health way beforehand

You may have the best equipment, the best tent and compass, even a GPS but it’s all for nought if you haven’t taken adequate precautions when it comes to your health. This type of preparation has to start in some cases months before the trip if you are to be sure of being fully protected.

A visit to your local GP is a good place to start and they can advise you on what sort of precautions you may need to take as well as administer the correct vaccinations. Specialist travel clinics are also available that can provide an often more comprehensive service.

Traveller’s Diarrhoea

By far the most common health problem affecting adventure travellers, one that is frequently overlooked is Traveller’s Diarrhoea. It may not be life threatening (in most cases!) but it can certainly be traumatic and may well ruin your carefully prepared itinerary and travel plans.

Traveller’s Diarrhoea, the trots, Delhi Belly, whatever you name you give can affect up to 40% of travellers to underdeveloped overseas destinations, particularly those countries with poor standards of hygiene such as India, Egypt and Mexico.

For some useful advice on what you can do to prepare yourself for the trip ahead watch this short video by Dr George Kassianos, GP and Secretary of the British Travel Health Association.

Happy Travels!