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Top Stress Reducing Tips

Your heart is pounding, you're breathing is shallow and rapid, your mind is imagining doom, and all you want is peace and calm.

The UK seems to be full of worriers, panickers, dreaders and nervous people. In 2015, ‘What is anxiety?’ was revealed as one of the top 10 most searched for questions in the UK on Google and Anxiety UK received more than 12,000 calls to its helpline [1].

To help out those suffering here are some useful tips to help beat stress and anxiety:

1. A relaxing Brew

A Relaxing Brew A fragrant cup of chamomile tea can help to take the stress away. A study by the University of Pennsylvania Medical Centre found it decreases anxiety symptoms in just eight weeks [2]. Matricaria recutita in the herb binds to the same brain receptors, providing a calming effect. Time to get the kettle on.

2. Smell Something

Smell SomethingCommonly used in fragrances and shampoos that help wash and purify the skin, lavender has even been linked to mental health. A German study found the aroma of lavender, Lavandula Hybrida, may have the same effect as anxiety medication such as lorazepam [3].

3. Gut Busting

How do bacteria contribute to a healthy gut microbiome?You may not realise it but the gut and the brain have a strong communication between them. There is growing research that the gut microbiome can influence many processes traditionally thought to be emotional responses such as stress and anxiety. The University of Oxford conducted a study analysing the impact of a prebiotic supplement which grows good bacteria, bifidobacteria, in the gut and found it had a positive effect on emotional processing and stress hormones, especially those related to anxiety[4]. Prebiotics can also be found in foods such as Jerusalem artichokes, onions, leeks and asparagus.

4. Hot Hot

Hot Hot

Have you ever wondered why you are so relaxed after a steam room or sauna? A group of researchers found that the warmth may alter neural circuits and serotonin levels, the ones that control our mood [5]. So get out your bathing suit and head to the Spa or even better, book yourself a trip to the Caribbean.

5. Laugh a Little

Laugh a LittleHaving a laugh by watching the latest viral Vine or YouTube clip may in fact calm your jittery nerves. Research has found laughter to be a great reliever of stress and even help to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety [6].


6. Take a Walk

Take a walkJapanese researchers found that people who walked for 20 minutes in beautiful surroundings had a decrease in their stress hormone levels, compared to those walking in an urban area [7]. So put on those hiking boots and head out to the forest.




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