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We are in an unprecedented period of human history. Unprecedented – the unlikely early buzzword of the 20s sums up a start to the new decade that none of us saw coming. We are now facing a global health crisis unlike any seen in modern times and so wellbeing is more important than ever. If you are practicably able to isolate, you are likely to be reading this from home. And as such, you have probably started to realise that alongside the immediate dangers of the COVID-19 virus, there are other health implications to supporting the ‘Stay at home, Stay well, support the NHS’ initiative. While in isolation, we must challenge ourselves to eat well, exercise (once a day) and sleep well, because looking after our physical and mental wellbeing is the best way to manage and come out of a crisis that could potentially damage our wellbeing. But now is not a time for talk, it’s a time for action! We’ve rounded up some of the best online resources for supporting your immune system and practising emotional and physical care during this most difficult time.

Immune supporting - Diet

A healthy gut makes for a healthier you. Here are our top three immune-boosting food-themed articles to inspire your shopping choices. In a time of short supply, you might be surprised at how many of these items are still on the shelves.

  1. Fifteen Foods that Boost the Immune System1, Healthline – to add to your shopping list
  2. Seven Ways to Boost your Immune System2, British Vogue – features our favourite, gut health care
  3. How to Boost your Immune System to Avoid Colds and Coronavirus3, Guardian – fermented foods you might not have considered
Fermented Foods

Immune supporting - Exercise

The volume of virtual exercise resources appearing online is truly inspiring and a genuine positive to come out of such a bleak time. We’ve picked our favourites, some new and some that have been around a little longer. We hope all represent a useful resource that’s here to stay.

  1. Couch to 5KM challenge4, NHS – a great challenge for your daily exercise
  2. PE with the Body Coach5, Joe Wicks – ideal for the kids…and you
  3. Live-stream fitness and mindfulness classes you’ll want to join when you’re self-isolating6, Get the Gloss – a selection of classes to get involved in

Immune supporting - Sleep

Sleep. We don’t get enough at the best of times. But anxiety can lead to sleepless nights and as the days blend into one, routine is likely to be upended as we struggle to find a work-life balance. Sleep is so important to our health, yet change is much more difficult to implement in this area than in diet and exercise routines. Here are some great tips for getting a better night’s sleep.

  1. How Sleep can Boost your Immune System and Help you Fight off Illnesses7, Metro – facts and figures on the importance of sleep
  2. How to Tweak your Bedroom to Get a Better Night’s Sleep8, Top Santé – improve your environment to benefit your health
  3. Dreamy Pillow Sprays that will Help you Get Off to Sleep9, Get the Gloss – small luxuries can make all the difference

As we face the current crisis in isolation, it’s our ability to come together virtually that will help us to cope. Stay healthy, stay safe and don’t forget to check in with NHS and Directgov for up-to-date guidelines.

Take care of yourselves - Love, everyone at Bimuno.

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