Social media can be a great place to find out more about gut health. There are thousands of people who share their experience and knowledge of gut health, gut friendly and free-from recipe ideas and tips they’ve introduced to their diet or lifestyle to support their gut health.

We love looking to social media to get inspired and have pulled together lists of our favourite accounts, that could be a great addition to your ‘following’ list!

Top Nutritionist accounts to follow


Laura @mind_nourishing 

Laura is a Nutritional Therapist Msc mBANT who specialises in gut health and mood. She hosts a range of lifestyle tips and gut loving recipes on her Instagram feed.


Milena @londonnutritionist

Milena is a London based registered Nutritionist who specialises in weight loss, the gut and autoimmune. Follow her detailed and streamlined feed for recipes, lifestyle tips and more.


Lauren @laurenwindasnutritionist

Lauren is a registered Nutritionist and Naturopath. She shares a range of gut loving recipes, IBS awareness and lifestyle tips. Follow her for more.


Yasmin @nutrionbyyasmin

Yasmin is a BANT registered Nutritionist who specialises in Women’s Health! She shares a wide range of content from gut health recipes and meals to lifestyle tips and more.


Kal @Kalratcliffenutrition

Support your gut and transform your health with Kal, a gut health specialist, helping to restore gut harmony. She shares an abundance of gut health recipes from sweet treats to soups to smoothies.


Rhiannon @Rhitrition

Author of ReNourish and host of Food for Thought podcast, registered Nutritionist Rhiannon is empowering healthy relationships with food. She shares some amazing, sweet treats, recipes, and daily lifestyle tips.


Scott @Scottbaptie

Scott is a registered Sports Nutritionist and fitness trainer who shares his interesting life including friends, family, food and daily lifestyle on Instagram.


Jenna @jennahopenutrition

Jenna is a Nutritionist and consultant and has appears on ITV, Sky, Channel 4 and This Morning. She shares a wide range of recipes and lifestyle tips on her Instagram.


Sophie @sophiehealthykitchen

Sophie is a registered Nutritionist who shares real life, food and wellness tips on her Instagram feed and mummy-to-be!


Isa @isarobinson_nutrition

Isa is a Registered Associate Nutritionist who shares a range of tips, quotes recipes and more!

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