Social media can be a great place to find out more about gut health. There are thousands of people who share their experience and knowledge of gut health, gut friendly and free-from recipe ideas and tips they’ve introduced to their diet or lifestyle to support their gut health.

We love looking to social media to get inspired and have pulled together lists of our favourite accounts, that could be a great addition to your ‘following’ list!

Top gut health accounts to follow


Hazel @thefoodmedic 

Author and medical doctor and host of The Food Medic podcast, Dr Hazel Wallace shares healthy recipes, podcast snippets and general lifestyle and gut health top tips.


Laura @nutritilty

Laura is a Women’s Health columnist and dietitian who helps you understand the science behind nutrition. Plus, she also shares lovely healthy recipes too!


Ro @dietitianro

Ro Huntriss is a UK based Dietitian who shares insightful nutrition content such as comparing a simple lifestyle switch of regular cola, to a sugar free alternative and the benefits on the body.


Laura @lauraperez_nutrition

Laura is a dietitian specialising in hormone health! She shares her tips, tricks and gut loving recipes throughout her Instagram feed.


Kaitlin @themissiondietitian

Kaitlin regularly shares insightful top tips on how to manage gut health through stress management and diet. She also shares gut loving recipes and more!


Lucia @lucia.braz

Lucia is a PhD student at Imperial College London who is passionate about sharing health tips, interesting food facts as well as delicious low-calorie recipes.



Alice is a Dietitian that shares ways to support your gut health using her 12 years’ experience within the NHS. She shares really interesting gut health content, recipes and more throughout her Instagram feed.


Charlie @therunnerbeans

Charlie is a fitness blogger and NHS Dietitian helping runners with nutrition and travel tips. Also the author of Cook, Eat, Run, she shares great, gut healthy recipes too!


Bari @barithedietitian

Bari Stricoff is a Nutritionist and Registered Dietician sharing food and recipes on her Instagram feed. She is also the author and host of @forkingwellness.

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