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Top 3 Apps for IBS & Digestive Health

Do you ever find yourself wondering which foods trigger your bloating or IBS-type symptoms? Well, there’s an app for that of course!

Track your digestive health!

We think the below apps are worth checking out to help you monitor symptoms and learn about your digestive system and health.

1. Cara: Food, Mood, Poop Tracker
Cara- IBS Symptom Tracker

The Cara app promises to be the easiest way to monitor your digestive health. Developed by doctors, Cara helps you to understand the connection between your mind, gut, nutrition and wellbeing. You can track food, stress levels, your bowel habits and tummy pains over time creating a diary with history to look back on.

It’s rated 4.8 out of 5* by its users and they talk about how it helps them find out what causes their IBS to flare up.



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2. Bowelle – the IBS tracker
Bowelle - IBS Symptoms App

This app was specifically designed for people who suffer from IBS or other GI (Gastrointestinal) symptoms. The app is free and without ads and in-app purchases. It allows you to easily keep a record of how you feel and track over time. You can track food, stress levels, bowel movements and symptoms creating a journal. There are also charts to show you visually how you’ve felt over time.

Users rate it as 4.7 out of 5* and comment on how well it has been designed and say it’s simple to use.



3. MyHealthyGut
Bowelle - Evidence Based Food and Intolerance Tracker

This is an evidence-based app for digestive health, celiac or gluten intolerance.

It was developed by a Health Psychology Researcher and a Registered Dietician in digestive health. The app includes a range of tools to help you improve your digestive health. There is a food database where you can search for foods or ingredients to determine if they are ok to eat depending on your condition. You can track your daily food intake and symptoms, access meal plans, recipes and create a shopping list.

It’s free to download to get started and offers In-App purchase packages. One downside is there is no official rating at present.


Do you use an app for your digestive health? Please tell us, we would love to hear!

*App ratings we’re reviewed at the time this post was published.