Bimuno® is the most widely studied prebiotic supplement of its kind. Its efficacy is supported by over 90 scientific publications, including more than 20 clinical trials. As the Bimuno range of dietary supplements has evolved, it has also picked up some key industry award shortlistings and prizes along the way.

We’re delighted to announce that our versatile powder supplement Bimuno® DAILY has once again been shortlisted for several key awards! It has made it to the final voting round at the Health & Wellbeing Awards, as well as the Pharmacy MVP Awards.

Why do awards matter?

Taking a science-led but consumer-focused approach to gut health is how the Bimuno range of products has become an effective and proven way to nourish good bacteria in the gut, but independently judged awards support its significance to the market and its value to the consumer. Consumers instinctively seek products that we can trust, which makes independently judged awards a great reference point for those looking to support their physical health and wellness.

Awards aren’t just bragging rights, they’re a sign that a product is having a real influence on the market and to the consumers that use them. For example, Bimuno is currently rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot from over 3,000 independent consumer reviews and these awards reflected the trust that consumers are placing in Bimuno today.

What are the Pharmacy MVP Awards?

The range of nutritional supplements available to pharmacists and their teams is wider than ever, and the Pharmacy MVP Awards are designed to highlight those that are the most valuable to healthcare practitioners.

The Pharmacy MVP awards are organised and produced by Pharmacy Magazine, alongside sister publications P3 and Training Matters. The voting for the awards is done by pharmacists/pharmacy support staff (50% of vote) and a panel of experts (50% of vote).

Bimuno products have typically put in a great showing in these awards. In 2019, Bimuno DAILY received Highly Commended recognition in the award’s Natural Healthcare category, while Bimuno® TRAVELAID was shortlisted in the Travel Health & Sun category.

This year, Bimuno DAILY has been shortlisted in two categories – ‘Natural & Complimentary Healthcare’ and ‘Bowel Health & Constipation’. Keep your eyes peeled to find out how we do!

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Where can I find out more?

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