Many of us reach for a protein shake post-exercise or training but have you considered the other nutrients that your body may benefit from after exercise?

The stress-induced response that your body goes through and exercise-induced muscle damage (EIMD) causes delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) when recovering from training. Although this can mean muscle adaptation and gains in strength, the ache, possible dehydration and depleted glycogen stores resulting from exercise can impact the next training session.

A smoothie can be a simple way to take in a nutritional profile to help with recovery post-workout. We created a smoothie in the office at Bimuno for our colleagues to try. The recipe below includes ingredients that provide potassium, protein and calcium to help with muscle function and ingredients containing calcium can be beneficial for digestion.


The ingredients were carefully chosen for their contribution to the recovery process. Milk and the protein powder provide the amino acid building blocks required for muscle recovery, the sugars in the fruits and honey replenish the glycogen stores to provide energy for the next bout of exercise. Blueberries and cherry juice are a source of antioxidants to reduce the oxidative stress that exercise imposes. Additionally, your gut microbiome acts as an important intermediary for many recovery processes that take place after exercise. Bimuno, as a source of fermentable fibre helps to increase good bacteria in your gut microbiome. After exercising it is important to rehydrate to maintain the body’s optimal state for the next training session. The banana is a source of potassium, aiding with muscle function and water absorption.

Please let us know if you give our smoothie recipe a try, it’s a great way to include Bimuno in your diet!