Best-selling health author and presenter, Liz Earle MBE, has featured prebiotic supplement range Bimuno® in her media interviews, sharing gut health knowledge across the airwaves following the launch of her latest eBook, ‘A Flatter, Happier Tum’.

The series of high-profile radio interviews saw Liz outline some of the most crucial components of gut health - the bacteria within the gut microbiome. As public interest in the mechanisms of gut health increases, significant focus is being placed on the gut microbiome, the complex eco-system bacteria in the gut.

As well as aiding digestion, good bacteria are also known to have additional roles in the body, contributing to physical health and wellbeing. Liz Earle suggested simple everyday steps that can support and nourish the good bacteria in the gut, enabling them to affect positive change throughout the body.

Using her extensive background in digestive health, Liz included the Bimuno range as a good example, including Bimuno® DAILY, the award-winning prebiotic powder supplement, Bimuno® IBAID pastilles for those with a sensitive stomach, and Bimuno® TRAVELAID pastilles for on-the-go or while travelling.

Liz featured on ten radio stations sharing her insight on gut health, including BBC Leeds , UK Health, Glastonbury FM and Radio Veralum. A key highlight was how prebiotics such as Bimuno are ‘used as fertiliser’ by the good gut bacteria. Liz also highlighted the fact that just 9% of adults in the UK are reaching the recommended daily intake of fibre, 30g.

Listen to the interview here

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