The following is lifted from You Magazine, it was independently written by Dr Clare Bailey:

Feeling out of balance can hold you back from enjoying your freedom and independence. With more than 60% of the immune system based in the gut, keeping your bacteria balanced is key. The gut plays a role in maintaining your overall well being and can impact your mood as well as your immune system. Generally, an abundance of bifidobacteria (a type of good bacteria) is important for your gut balance. However,  it’s known to decline when we reach the age of 50 and over in most people.

Both good and bad bacteria are found within the gut and it’s important to optimise the levels of the good. A balanced, fibre rich diet can help you achieve an optimally balanced gut, yet many of us aren’t eating the right kinds of food that offer this. The good news is, a high fibre food supplement such as Bimuno can help bridge this gap.

Bimuno is a unique daily food supplement that increases the levels of bifidobacteria in the gut. Bimuno travels through your digestive system intact, unlike products which contain live bacteria that can be destroyed by heat or acidity before reaching the gut. It naturally feeds and stimulates bifidobacteria, encouraging its numbers to grow.  When taken daily, Bimuno increases levels of good gut bacteria within just seven days. So, if you’re looking for a simple way to increase good gut bacteria, you’ll have found it with Bimuno.

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