Health and wellbeing is growing a significant prominence in the world we live in. Diet, fitness and mental wellbeing are becoming increasingly important to people's lifestyles. Gut health is also growing traction and consumers understanding around the topic is on the rise. With its links to weight management, mental health and immunity, people are focusing on their gut health as a way to improve their overall wellbeing.

What are the Health & Wellbeing Awards?

Split into key categories that cover many different aspects of wellbeing including food, fitness, health and beauty, the Health & Wellbeing Awards celebrate the health and nutrition products that are making a difference in the sector. The shortlist and eventual winners are decided by an independent panel of judges, which comprises experts in their individual fields alongside the Health & Wellbeing magazine editorial team.

Under the ‘Feel Well’ category, Bimuno DAILY is nominated for the Gut Health award. It will go head to head with three other shortlisted supplements, but notably it is the only prebiotic supplement to make the shortlist. Click here to find out more about the Health & Wellbeing Awards.

Why Bimuno DAILY has been shortlisted in this award

Bimuno DAILY is an easy to use supplement that is designed to feed the good bacteria within the gut. It seamlessly fits into everyday life as a tasteless and soluble powder. It can be incorporated in either food or drink and isn't affected by heat/acidity. When taken daily, it is proven to boost levels of bifidobacteria within the gut. Bimuno has helped many people and we are proud to have received over 3,000 excellent reviews on Trustpilot.

Where can I find out more?

Looking to find out more about the award-winning Bimuno® DAILY, designed to nourish and support the good bacteria in the gut, click here.

Interested in how gut health fits into the puzzle of physical health – and how we can support it? Click here to find out more.

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