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Makeover Your Gut

Are you starting 2019 struggling with digestive health issues, IBS symptoms, or do you just want to embrace a generally healthier lifestyle? Now is a great time to start a makeover which begins with your gut.

But, why is our gut important to our health? The trillions of bacteria in the gut play a vital role in controlling our bodily processes and an imbalanced gut microbiome can negatively influence key areas of importance to our well-being. By restoring the natural balance of our gut bacteria we  can promote digestive health as well as overall health and general wellbeing

You’ve probably heard a lot of people talking about the gut microbiome recently. The interest in this area has dramatically increased in the past few years as more is understood about the importance of the gut. The two terms “microbiota” and “microbiome” are often used interchangeably to mean the same thing.

There is a subtle difference between these two terms. The microbiota describes the entire microbial community that inhabits the human body. This community comprises of bacteria, viruses and fungi. The biggest populations of microbes reside in our gut, and this is also known as the gut microbiota . Microbiome is the term used to described the total collection of all the genes and genetic material that microbes contribute to the human body.

Improving our gut can influence our digestive health, sleep, stress levels, how immune we are to coughs, colds, other ailments and even how we look.

So, ditch the diet and think about a gut makeover for a healthier gut this year and in the long term.