6 simple life hacks to keep you at you healthy while travelling

Travel health is now a fundamental part of ensuring you not only feel good while travelling but also feel great on your return.

1. Stay Hydrated

It's easy to forget to drink water while you're travelling, especially if you often find yourself in spaces with complimentary coffee or alcohol. Aside from dehydration, which is bad for your body in itself, thirst is often mistaken for hunger. You may find yourself over snacking when all you really need is a drink of water.

2. Avoid Fast Food

Grabbing a burger on the go has become the simplest solution whenever we're hungry and pinched for time, and you can find a soda machine on practically every corner. Avoid these temptations! Instead, try to eat proper meals with plenty of fresh produce and lean protein.

3. Use the Hotel Facilities

Don't while away long business trips by watching pay-per-view and sampling the local pubs. Make some time for those excellent (and underused) exercise facilities that most hotels have. Try to fit a workout into your morning or evening routine. If there's a pool or a park close to where you're staying, you could also consider going for a swim or a pleasant run.

4. Watch Your Snacking

When every meeting has a pastry platter and every pub has a bowl of peanuts, it's easy to mindlessly fill up on empty carbs. If you're prone to snacking, pack yourself a light snack of chopped vegetables, granola bars, or fruit, or make yourself a healthy sandwich to enjoy later.

5. Keep Stress Down

Travelling is a stressful experience. Add communication difficulties, unfamiliar foods, and rough time change transitions into the mix, and you have the perfect cocktail for an uncomfortable journey. Stress can lead to worse symptoms, like bloat and acid reflux, so take along antacids to soothe your stomach and don't let stress stop you from enjoying your trip.

6. Your Schedule Matters

Business trips often throw us out of rhythm by cutting into our normal schedules. The best thing you can do for your body is to try to stick with your normal, healthy routine—even on the road. Try not to overwork yourself, and do plan your meals and exercise schedules in advance. Your body will thank you for this dose of normalcy.

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Indulging in different foods, switching time zones, and not sticking to regular eating and lifestyle habits can lead to the flare-ups resulting in feelings of discomfort, lethargy, and frustration.

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