Think January is the only time to give your health an overhaul? Think again. Experts now believe that September is an ideal time to reset before the winter bugs – and blues – start to hit.

Go back to sleep school Summer holidays, late nights and lie-ins can mess with sleep routines. If chronic insomnia keeps you awake, have a chat with your GP, but it’s often our habits that are the culprit. “Getting quality sleep underpins physical and mental wellbeing, so it’s worth checking your sleep regime and habits,” says Neil Robinson, Chief Sleep Officer at Sealy UK. If a “perfect” bedtime routine is not realistic, don’t be put off trying. “Life does sometimes get in the way and a bedtime routine isn’t realistic for many, but there are things you can do,” Robinson says. “Implement a tech-free zone for 30 minutes before bed to prevent the blue light impacting on melatonin levels (the hormone that regulates sleep cycles). “Secondly, avoid alcohol too close to bedtime. This can have a negative impact on REM sleep, often the most restorative stage.
“Finally, ensure your bedroom is a sleep oasis by decluttering and investing in a decent mattress, new pillows and cotton sheets.”

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Research suggests that the answer to a good night’s sleep may lie in the gut. Scientists at the University of Colorado Boulder conducted a study to find out if sleep can be improved by prebiotics – dietary fibres which feed good bacteria inside the gut.

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