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Coping with Anxiety on a day to day basis

We recently read an article by a wellness coach, Quentin Vennie, in regards to how he was suffering from generalised anxiety and panic disorder, which, as it turns out, is a much more common form of anxiety which affects a large number of the population.

Anxiety in the real world

Coping with anxiety on a daily basis for a large percentage of the western world is a real issue. Unfortunately, western medicine dictates a host of medication for conditions such as anxiety are leaving people somewhat out of sorts and numb.

Here are our best tips to make your day a brighter one at that:

  1. Eat the rainbow – Treat your body like a temple by first ensuring the inside is perfect. Fruit and vegetables excite your taste buds and you will feel the benefits throughout the day.
  2. Leave work at work – Too many of us are connected 24/7 to devices which enable us to do emails in the kitchen, lounge and bed nowadays. When you leave the office, focus on where you left off before going to work that morning and go from there.
  3. Get out – With Spring well and truly here and longer nights, take advantage of getting out for a walk/cycle/run or if you are lucky enough to have a garden, get a book and…
  4. Read – Self-help books and stories of inspiration are a great way to connect to others that share the same values and show you how the overcome their own battles. This also keeps you off the TV.
  5. Juice – Start getting into a habit of making a fresh green smoothie every morning. Prep your ingredients the night before so you can be out the door on time the following morning.
  6. Be Creative – Channel your thoughts into anything that require focus in a stress free way; being creative is broad, so anything you enjoy doing that doesn’t require thought behind it is a good start (Excludes TV series marathons!).
  7. Garden – Now this is a great way to focus your energy into a long term project that reaps great rewards, plus you get to spend time outside (Back to Point 3). You don’t need a huge space and can even start small, like a herb garden in jars/cans on a window shelf.
  8. Love your bacteria – There is more and more scientific evidence that bacteria can actually alter your mood. Why not try Bimuno to help maintain and grow your beneficial bacteria?
  9. Get Floral – Adding fresh flowers throughout your home brings you closer to your natural rhythm and also shows you no matter where you are, you can thrive and be beautiful.