The following case study looks at the importance of nutrition for running performance. In particular, how Bimuno was used to help train effectively.

Name: Tracey Lasan

Sport: Running

Team/Club: Reading Roadrunners and England Team


Various 10K, Half-marathon and marathon races. I was selected last year (2019) and this year (England Athletics) to represent England in my age category (60-65) half-marathon distance.

Summary of background and why I run

I am now retired from a corporate job and fill my time as a running leader and competitive runner. I enjoy running and motivating others. It is also a great way to keep fit and healthy.

The competitions I am working towards

I am currently working towards Fleet Half-marathon in March, where I will be representing England and then a 100k ultra race in July.

My view of nutrition, why it is important for sport and why I benefit from using Bimuno

Nutrition is extremely important for runners. You need to be fit and healthy to train effectively. A good digestive system, sleep and a strong immune system is also imperative for any endurance training.

My experience with Bimuno

I have been taking Bimuno for over two months now I now take it every morning with an effervescent vitamin tablet in water. I used to get occasional bloating but that has disappeared since taking Bimuno and I feel my general gut health has improved. This can only improve my overall health! I have also been cold/virus free over the winter period so can only think that my immune system is working well. I would not wish to stop taking Bimuno now that I feel so well. I have had no side-effects; it is easy to take and tasteless.

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