Lucy is a Registered Associate Nutritionist and Midwife with a keen interest in running.

She recognises the importance of taking care of her gut health to support her running success. Lucy shares her experience of taking Bimuno to help optimise her performance.

Name: Lucy Goddard

Sport: Running

Team/Club: Buckingham and Stowe Running Club

Achievements: Recently achieved a new PB for a half marathon - 1:42:22.

Lucy Goddard

Summary of background and why I run

I started running after I finished University in 2016. Since joining a running club in 2018, my running has improved immensely. I have found, with the support and encouragement of others and running consistently has really helped. I run for many reasons – I run to be with friends, to help me think more clearly, to help me sleep, to keep my body healthy, to keep fit, to spend time outside, for the competition and challenge, to see new places and to de-stress.

The competitions I am working towards

I have entered two marathons this year, so they are the main races I’m working towards. The first is a normal road marathon and the second is a trail marathon, along cliff tops, unmapped pathways and the last 3 miles is up a mountain!

My view of nutrition, why it is important for sport and why I benefit from using Bimuno

Nutrition is essential for my running. Now I am increasing my mileage, it’s important that I fuel correctly before, during and after my runs to not only give me energy but also to prevent injury. Usually I run in the evenings but at the weekends I will run in the morning as I often find this easier and my body is fresh and less affected by what I’ve eaten during the day. I think Bimuno helps me with my digestion which is sometimes disrupted as a result of changes in my training routine or eating late due to training sessions. I suffer from IBS which, if I don’t manage well, impacts my ability to train effectively. The extra dietary fibre provided through Bimuno supplements enhances my running by improving my gut health which overall improves the way my body feels when I run. Taking such measures is important to keep my IBS at bay and to keep my training on track.

My experience with Bimuno

Over the period in which I have taken Bimuno, I have rarely needed to take medication for bloating or stomach pains. I feel it keeps my digestive system in good working order and I have not experienced any side effects. As I said previously, I suffer with IBS and I really have to manage this day-to-day. Taking Bimuno each morning has contributed positively to this management.

Bimuno is Informed Sport Certified and can be purchased through our website:

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