A healthy gut with a good balance of ‘friendly bacteria’ impacts on our general health & wellness and can affect the way we feel. The gut is a vital organ and it’s more complex than we might have first thought.

Here we reveal 10 facts you might not have known about the gut:

  1. A ‘Gut feeling’ - you’ve probably heard the saying about having a ‘gut feeling’, well research has found our gut is sensitive to emotions, stress, anxiety and depression as these all have a direct effect on the digestive tract.
  2. Red wine is good for the gut! - some research suggests a small amount of the antioxidants found in red wine can be beneficial to the gut microbiome (but please drink responsibly!).
  3. Your gut doesn’t need to be cleared out… detox diets and chronic irrigation have become popular as they claim to clean out your digestive system and get rid of toxins. But they are not actually needed. Waste and toxins pass out of our bodies naturally and do not need any help!
  4. Gut health impacts our sleep – there’s still a lot of research looking at the relationship between the gut and sleep and a correlation between the bacterial environment of your gut and poor sleep has been found. Dr Michael Mosley used Bimuno in the BBC documentary ‘The Truth about Sleep’ and found it had a positive effect on his sleep.
  5. You have 100 times more DNA in your microbiome than in the cells of your body. And the DNA in your cells and your microbiome actually talk to each other.
  6. Our gut does more than process food! It is also home to trillions of bacteria, viruses & fungi known as microbial community.
  7. Some substances can kill our good bacteria & encourage bad bacteria to grow – including antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs such as ibuprofen, sugar, artificial food colouring, high fat-low fibre foods, processed foods, fizzy drinks, unhealthy oils and pesticides. In fact - one course of antibiotics can disrupt your healthy gut flora for up to a year.
  8. Our second brain - scientists have nicknamed the gut’s nervous system our ‘second brain’ as the nervous system of the gut is able to regulate itself without brain interaction.
  9. Your gut houses 70 percent of the cells that make up your immune system.
  10. Good gut foods include artichokes, broccoli, bananas, blueberries, beans, onion, garlic, nuts & wholegrain foods. Eating these can help our gut bacteria. However, you would need to eat 25.7 raw garlic cloves to make an actual ‘change’ to your gut bacteria. Bimuno can help – simply add to your daily routine. Bimuno feeds and increases your good gut bacteria, helping you to experience the benefits of a healthy gut.