Immune System and Digestive Health

Learn how to strengthen your immune system. Learn how to boost your immune system -ensure your gut is well-equipped with good bacteria!

Your immune system protects your body from injury and illness. Your digestive system processes food and drink to provide you with energy. Despite having very different jobs to do, the two are closely linked.

This is because certain types of bacteria that live in your gut not only help digest your food, but also play an important role in protecting your body from infections and disease.

How does the immune system work?

Bacteria have been living in your body since the moment you were born. These bacteria stimulate immune cells and molecules in the gut to start responding to injuries and bad, disease-causing bacteria. The cells lining the gut and the good bacteria living upon them “talk” to each other, working in parallel to grow, survive and together control the immune response.

Damage to your good gut bacteria directly impacts the power of your immune system. This is the reason why women often get yeast infections, such as thrush, after taking a course of strong antibiotics.

How to boost your immune system

Feeling run down? A poorly performing immune system often results in repeated infections, such as coughs and colds that you just can’t shake off.

Supporting the immune system is one of the most important things you can do for your body, helping it to fight off infections and more serious diseases, such as cancer. The immune system also plays a central role in controlling the level of damaging inflammation that occurs in the body.

An all-round healthy lifestyle is what’s needed, taking steps to manage stress, take exercise and eat a regular, balanced diet. Ensuring that your gut is well-equipped with good bacteria is also vital. 



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