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Why Is Fibre So Good for You?

Did you know that fibre not only slows the absorbtion rate of sugar in the bloodstream but is also a source of food for the bacteria in your gut?

When you include fibre in your diet, such as beans or whole grains, sugars from food consumed are absorbed slower, which keeps blood glucose levels from rising too fast.

Insoluble fibre is also a source of food for the bacteria that reside in your colon, feeding and helping them thrive, ensuring you have a balanced microbiota, which can promote better digestive health and overall health and general wellbeing.

A high fibre diet helps you have soft, regular bowel movements, reducing constipation.

What is Bimuno®?

Bimuno® is a high fibre daily food supplement containing a unique natural active ingredient, B-GOS® which naturally feeds and stimulates the growth of good bacteria in the gut.

Everyone wants to embrace a healthier lifestyle. But with almost infinite options and an upsurge of dubious pseudo-scientific claims, this seemingly simple task becomes complicated and perplexing.

In a media world where last week’s superfood is next week’s cancer risk, we need to end the confusion. We all just want to feel better each day. Bimuno® believes the world will be a better place when people are assured that a healthy life is easier to achieve. That is what our unique innovations promise.

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Travelling companion

Have used Bimuno in the Himalayas, China and camping in Peru as part of my daily diet and have never experienced any upset stomachs or digestive issues.

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