What is the gut microbiome?

Many of us are looking to support ‘gut health’, but what does that mean? Well, inside all of us there is a complex eco-system known as the gut. It’s home to trillions of microorganisms, including many different types of bacteria, that are known collectively as the gut microbiome.  

It is understood that the microbiome - and how the bacteria function, engage and interact with each other - has an impact on overall health. However, the full extent of the influence and the specific mechanics behind it are still being discovered. 

It’s an exciting area of research, and there is a growing body of evidence that suggests the composition of the bacteria - how much we have of each type - can have a positive influence on the body. When there is an imbalance or disruption, this is known as dysbiosis.

One of the heroes of the gut is bifidobacteria, which we often refer to as the ‘good bacteria’. Bifidobacteria helps the body with digestion and has a role to play in protecting the body from other, more harmful kinds of bacteria.

How does the Gut Microbiome affect our health?

We already know that the health of the gut has an influence on areas such as the immune system, brain function, mental health, and even sleep patterns, but could the good bacteria play an important part too?

Take a look through the articles below to find out more about the trillions of bacteria inside the gut, as well as how looking after your gut, could help support your overall health.

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