Today, we’re all looking for ways to support our physical and mental health. For many of us, that means keeping a closer eye on what we put into our body, and there’s a very good reason for that.

The gut plays a key role in influencing the processes that keep our bodies functioning at our best. Supporting the digestive system and enabling it to perform its jobs effectively is the core foundation of gut health. Essentially, an effective, cared-for gut can support overall wellbeing!

The human gut is a fascinating display of evolution and modern science is continually finding out more about the full extent of its influence. It’s home to trillions of bacteria, around 1000 different species that help to break food down into the essential nutrients that our bodies need. In turn, it is involved in the processes connected to immunity and brain function.

This collection of bacteria, yeasts and fungi are collectively known as the gut microbiome and the precise levels of each bacteria can vary from one person to another. Some of these microorganisms are particularly helpful to the human body (such as bifidobacteria), and others are less useful – and sometimes even harmful!

Find out more about the important role of your gut, and its influence over your wider physical health!

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