When looking for the best ways to support your body’s natural processes, it’s hard to ignore the importance of your gut – it plays a significant role in the processes we take for granted. We all know about some of the health challenges in how we consume and digest food, but did you know that your gut can have an influence on other areas too? These include sleep health, stress, anxiety – and even the immune system!

The key is understanding that your gut isn’t just one system. History shows that early attempts to understand the body saw the gut as simply a long tube that food passes through – but now we know that it’s a complex sequence of organs that help to break food down into the essential nutrients we need to function. 

What’s more, it’s home to trillions of bacteria, many different kinds, that work as an eco-system within the body. We call this eco-system the gut microbiome and it could have an important influence over how the body operates and responds to health challenges. That’s what makes the science behind digestive health and wellness such an exciting area!

So, if you’re struggling to sleep, looking to give your mood and cognition a boost, or looking at how best to support the natural function of your immune system, the solution could be closer than you think. It may just lie in your gut! Looking to find out more? Take a look at some of the articles below, to find out how your gut fits into the bigger health and wellbeing picture.

Gut Health 101

Gut Health 101 - Bimuno

How the gut works

How the gut works - Bimuno

Why Bacteria?

Why Bacteria - Bimuno


What Are Bifidobacteria - Bimuno

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Abdominal bloating is not an uncommon problem, but some people may feel the digestive discomfort of bloating more regularly than others. Your gut may feel swollen or more sensitive, and you may experience increased flatulence or ‘tummy rumbling’ as the body tries to reduce the amount of excess gas.


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Because gut health plays such a key role in our bodies, what we put into it can have a big impact. There is a large body of evidence that highlights the key, direct role that nutrition plays in health and wellness.


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Some thoughts influence the digestive processes in the gut e.g. thinking about eating a delicious meal can make your tummy grumble. But the gastrointestinal tract is also sensitive to emotions, and feelings can even trigger symptoms in the gut. In fact, the communication runs both ways – the gut also communicates with the brain and can influence our emotions.

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