Treatment for Diarrhoea

Working out how to stop diarrhoea isn’t always straightforward. Acute diarrhoea, which appears suddenly, often resolves itself with some simple steps after a few days. Chronic diarrhoea may take longer to treat.

The best approach to curing diarrhoea is to avoid dehydration. It’s important to drink plenty of fluids in small, regular sips. Opt for liquids that contain lots of water, salt and sugar, such as thin soup and fruit juice mixed with water. You can also buy oral rehydration solution drinks if you already feel very dehydrated.

More serious cases may mean a hospital visit, where healthcare professionals can decide the best way to cure your diarrhoea. You might be given antibiotics or put on a drip to help combat dehydration.

What to eat after diarrhoea

Although you might not feel like it, it’s recommended that you eat solid food as soon as you can. Stick to light and fairly bland snacks such as bananas, vegetables and potatoes, rather than deep fried foods and spicy curries!

Once there’s some food in your belly, you can take painkillers, like ibuprofen, to help deal with any fever, aches and pains you might be feeling.

Try to avoid rich foods, such as coffee, dairy products, sweets and fats, until you have completely recovered.

Soothing from the inside out

Wondering how to prevent diarrhoea so that it doesn’t happen again? You can bolster your defences against the viruses and bacteria that cause the runs by trying to improve your general digestive health.

There is increasing evidence to show that probiotics and prebiotics may shorten a spell of diarrhoea and reduce the chances of it happening again. 




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