Treatment for Constipation

Drinking plenty of fluids and eating regular meals is typically the first step towards constipation relief. Figuring out how to relieve symptoms of constipation often has a lot to do with eating the right foods.

Follow the urge. Don’t delay going to the toilet if you feel the need to make a bowel movement. Constipation is helped by setting a routine – deciding on a specific time each day to spend in the bathroom. But just relax—don’t force it!

Some people find that laxatives are helpful constipation remedies. But they don’t work well for everyone. If used repeatedly, they can make your bowels less able to function effectively on their own. A quick fix doesn’t solve the root cause.

Improve your gut health

Are you wondering how to cure constipation in the long term? Rather than dealing with the symptoms, think about addressing the root causes.

Having large numbers of good bacteria in your gut helps keep your digestive system healthy and your bowels in working order. The modern generation of prebiotic supplements can help encourage more good bacteria to grow inside your body.