Bloating Symptoms

Bloating is unpleasant and sometimes embarrassing. But you’re not alone. Bloating symptoms are a common problem for lots of people.

When you’re bloated, you know about it. Bloating symptoms are uncomfortable and can ruin the pleasure of enjoying a meal. Your stomach feels bigger than normal or tight—as if a balloon is being inflated inside your abdomen.

You might find that the area around your waist, between your hips and your ribcage, actually increases, too. This swelling is known as distension.

Bloating and gas often go hand-in-hand. You may get hiccups and need to burp and pass wind more often. Your belly may rumble and gurgle as your digestive system tries to do something with all the gas lingering in your digestive tract.

Stomach pain and bloating is a fairly common problem. The symptom of pain can vary from a mild tummy ache to sharp, intense cramps. This discomfort and other bloating symptoms often ease up after you’ve been to the toilet. But how do you know when things are more serious?

Stomach cramps and bloating combined with weight loss, fever, severe or sudden pain—especially when accompanied by nausea or vomiting—vaginal bleeding or seeing blood in your stool are all issues that you should discuss with your doctor. 




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