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A daily prebiotic supplement designed to support a healthy gut environment. Bimuno offers an easy way to increase levels of good bacteria in your gut

  • Taste-free, soluble powder
  • Tested in independent scientific studies
  • Proven to work in 7 days*
Works in 7 Days
Informed Sport Certified
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About Bimuno

What is Bimuno?

Bimuno is a unique daily fibre supplement containing Galactooligosaccharides (GOS). GOS works by selectively increasing the level of bifidobacteria and other health-promoting bacteria found in the gut.


What does Bimuno do?

Bimuno® naturally feeds and increases the friendly bacteria in your gut; for optimal benefit, it reaches the lower gut intact, with significant increases of friendly bacteria in just 7 days. Formulated with the knowledge that more than 60% of the immune system is in the gut, it works with the natural systems in the body to improve immune function and influence general health and wellbeing.


Is Bimuno a medicine?

No. Bimuno is a food supplement that works naturally in the gut


How do I take Bimuno?

Bimuno® DAILY - Take 1 sachet of powder per day, dissolved in tea, coffee, juice or other drink, or sprinkled over food. If you have a sensitive stomach, take 1/2 a sachet for 7-10 days and if well tolerated increase to 1 sachet per day.

Bimuno® IBAID - Take 2 pastilles, chewing each one separately and thoroughly before swallowing. For best results, take the two pastilles at the same time of day.

Bimuno® TRAVELAID - Bimuno® TRAVELAID pastilles offer a convenient way of taking Bimuno when travelling. Take 3 pastilles daily, starting 7 days before you travel and continuing whilst you are away. For best results, take the 3 pastilles at the same time of day.


When should I take Bimuno?

Bimuno can be taken any time of the day, as part of your daily routine. For maximum benefit, try to take it around the same time every day.


How often should I take Bimuno?

The majority of our customers take Bimuno everyday.


What should I expect when taking Bimuno for the first time?

When you take Bimuno for the first time, it will take 3 days to start feeding your bifidobacteria. 

Days 4-7: You may experience some gurgling in your gut. This is a good sign as it means Bimuno is beginning to change your microbiome (the bacteria, yeast and fungi in your gut)

Days 8-14: Your microbiome is now changed and Bimuno is feeding and nurturing your beneficial bacteria Published studies have shown that, with daily use, the majority of Bimuno users experience an increase in their gut bifidobacteria within 7 days, although individual responses may vary.


Are there any side-effects of Bimuno?

Within the first week of taking Bimuno, you may experience some stomach gurgling and rumbling which then subsides. If you are unsure and want to talk to us before purchasing, please contact us on +44 808 164 8278 or email us at You may want to consult with your doctor or other healthcare practitioners before trying Bimuno if you are suffering from any health problems and/or using prescription medications. We also have an information sheet to share with your doctor or other healthcare professionals which tells them more about Bimuno which can be found here.

Is it safe to take Bimuno long-term?

Yes, it is safe to take Bimuno long-term. We recommend you take Bimuno as part of your daily routine, in order to give your good gut bacteria a constant source of food.


What is the difference between Bimuno® DAILY, Bimuno® IBAID and Bimuno® TRAVELAID?

All Bimuno products contain the unique active ingredient Galactooligosaccharides (GOS).

Bimuno® DAILY is a powder, which comes in an easy to use sachet. Pour one sachet into your tea, coffee, juice or other drink, or sprinkle it over food every day.

Bimuno® IBAID is a chewable pastille. A daily dose of IBAID (2 pastilles) contains a lower dose than Bimuno DAILY and is recommended if you have a sensitive stomach.

Bimuno® TRAVELAID is a chewable pastille. It is recommended that you take 3 pastilles daily, starting 7 days before you travel and that you continue taking it whilst you are away.


Can I take Bimuno with a Probiotic?

Yes, you can take Bimuno with probiotic supplements and yoghurts.


Can I take Bimuno if I am on a low FODMAP diet?

Yes, there is evidence to suggest that the addition of half a sachet of Bimuno® DAILY or 2 Bimuno® IBAID pastilles can be taken with a low FODMAP diet.


Can I take Bimuno with any other prescribed medicine?

Bimuno is a food supplement and not a medicine. On the basis of our scientific knowledge, there should be no effect on other medications taken alongside Bimuno. However, if you are uncertain, you should consult with your doctor or other healthcare practitioners before starting to take Bimuno. We also have an information sheet to share with your doctor or other healthcare professionals which tells them more about Bimuno which can be found here.


Why have you changed the packaging on Bimuno?

We had the previous packaging on the market for many years and we thought it was about time we updated our look. We think the new design looks more modern and stands out better on the shelf.

About Informed Sport

What is Informed Sport?

Informed Sport is a quality assurance programme for sports nutrition products. The programme certifies that all nutritional supplements and/or ingredients that bear the Informed Sport logo have been through a rigorous certification process that every batch produced is tested for banned substances by LGC’s world class sports anti-doping laboratory.


Why choose products that are Informed Sport certified?

To ensure a product does not contain substances which are banned by World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), companies can submit their products to Informed Sport for testing and if no such substances are found, are certified as safe to use by Informed Sport. Athletes can therefore use Bimuno® DAILY, Bimuno® IBAID and Bimuno® TRAVELAID products which are purchased from, safe in the knowledge that the product does not contain substances banned by WADA.


Which batches of Bimuno have been tested?

A list of all batches that have been tested can be found on the Informed Sport website.


Where can I buy Bimuno products certified by Informed Sport?

At present, only Bimuno products that are purchased via are guaranteed to have been certified by Informed Sport. Please purchase from this link to ensure the products you purchase have been batch tested. All batch tested products will have the Informed Sport logo on the pack.


When will I be able to buy Bimuno products certified by Informed Sport from my usual shop?

Look out for packs with the Informed Sport logo on from Summer 2019. If you cannot find them, please continue to order directly from us using this link


Why is Bimuno Informed Sport certified?

We received a lot of interest in Bimuno from Performance Nutritionists who were looking to recommend Bimuno to their clients, many of whom are professional athletes and therefore must ensure that products they use are Informed Sport certified. Sports people (and nutritionists associated with them) have an extra focus on their gut microbiome as they often have sensitive stomachs due to intense training, restricted diets, stress and overseas travel.  Similar to the majority of the UK populations as a whole, their fibre intake through diet does not meet the minimum recommended amount of 30g per day.


Why take Bimuno as an athlete?

An athlete’s diet is often very restricted with a controlled energy intake which means that they must pack in important nutrients within a daily calorie allowance. One important nutrient which is high in a sportspersons’ diet is protein which is important for tissue repair and muscle growth. Whilst protein is great for these important structural functions, it’s not shown to have a positive effect on the gut microbiome. When a diet is high in protein and low in fibre, studies show that the types of bacteria in the gut microbiome are less favourable.[1]

Fibre, on the other hand, is known to provide fuel for types of bacteria which are beneficial and produce substances such as short-chain fatty acids which are known to exert various protective effects including in the gut.

Yet fibre is a nutrient which is generally low in diets and this group is no exception; a study found that athletes consumed only 34% of their daily requirement. [2][3]

Although exercise alone is shown to have a positive effect on the gut microbiome[4], this combined with eating the recommended amount of fibre is shown to have the greatest effect. If this is not possible through diet alone then a high fibre food supplement should be considered.





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