• Convenient and discreet soft chewy pastilles
  • Take seven days before you travel and while away
  • Unique Galacto-oligosaccharide formula
  • Tested in independent scientific studies

Biotic Nutrition While Abroad

Bimuno® TRAVELAID is a specially developed formulation containing unique patented Galacto-oligosaccharides (B-GOS), ideal for individuals travelling abroad.

B-GOS belongs to a special group of beneficial nutrient fibres (oligosaccharides) also found in maternal milk that feed and encourage certain types of bacteria including bifidobacteria, naturally present in the gut.

Importantly, Bimuno is able to reach the lower gut intact for maximum nutritional benefit.

Since the benefits of TRAVELAID build over time it is recommended that you take the product for 7 days before your departure and each day whilst you are abroad.

Because of its effectiveness TRAVELAID is recommended by many travel clinicians and Bimuno is an approved Travel industry partner of ABTA.

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Bimuno TRAVELAID Prebiotic Supplements- Standard Pack



  • Increases your bifidobacteria levels
  • Ideal for holiday and business travel to exotic locations
  • Tested and published in independent scientific studies

Reference : 1. Drakoularakou A et al. European Journal of Clinical Nutrition 2010;64:146-152

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